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The Vileda brand stands for high-quality, reliable, innovative and long-lasting products. Over the last 60 years, Vileda has been one of the most internationally recognised household brands and prides itself on being the expert partner for perfect home care.

Vileda competes alongside other household brands such as Shark, Minky, and private labels. State-of-the-art products and cutting edge technology has always put Vileda ahead of the curve. But even with these credentials, Vileda recognised that their demographic was ever-changing. Even with the digital success they had seen over the past few years, there were still more digital avenues to explore and new refined demographics to target.

Mosquito were tasked with connecting Vileda to a new target audience. Pet owners were a data driven, target demographic progression identified through community engagement audit. Extending social reach beyond the current core demographic of homemakers, with new meaning.

Vileda had 3 key objectives:

  1. Reach a new target audience interested in pets
  2. Give this audience a reason to engage with the Vileda brand
  3. Demonstrate Vileda pet-related USPs to boost sales


Phase 1 - Influencers For Discovery

Uncover the worries of pet owners, to ensure campaign content addresses their needs. Partner with influencers to run a series of polls on their Instagram stories, asking their audiences their opinions on several pet-related issues - over 15,000 votes were cast.

The results were used to craft content topics and create eye-catching stats for headlines.

85% of pet owners said their cleaning routine increased in the winter months

32% spend over 5 hours a week cleaning up after their pet

78% were worried about using cleaning chemicals around their pet


Phase 2 - Production

Existing Vileda brand photography did not feature pets. Stock photography doesn’t resonate on social media, so the Mosquito team went above and beyond to deliver original photography. An in-house shoot took place, utilising employees who were pet owners as models, to deliver authentic photography with a “UGC” feel.

The social content achieved over 35k+ interactions in just 7 days, demonstrating how the authentic creative positioning was the key to success.


Phase 3 - Activation

Using learnings from phase 1 and assets from phase 2, Mosquito launched the social media campaign.

The influencer polls revealed that pet owners were concerned about the dangers of using chemicals when cleaning around their pets at home, so the campaign messaging positioned Vileda as a chemical-free floor cleaner to address this worry.

The supporting ad campaign A/B tested 2 approaches: product USP headlines vs emotive, pet-orientated headlines. They were monitored and refined throughout the campaign. It was quickly noted that while engagement with ads was high, the reach was low and not on target to hit the KPI.

Thus, the social posts were split in half: 50% would be boosted using Facebook Business Manager, where reach is optimised. The other half were boosted through the mobile app, where engagement is prioritised. This ensured that both objectives set by the client were met, within the same budget.



Mosquito was thrilled to win:
Digital Impact Awards - Best use of existing social media platforms


This was the first social media campaign in the cleaning community to tap into the duality of emotion people hold towards their pets: both unconditional love and frustration at the mess they leave behind.

An honest and genuine approach towards pets positioned Vileda as a brand that truly understands the hardships and rewards of having a furry friend - delivering a reason for pet owners to choose Vileda above other floorcare brands. Paired with true-to-life photo assets that showcased real people with real pets, the campaign packed a punch when it came to evoking a reaction from the target audience.

300+ people on Facebook & Instagram shared a picture of their pet using the hashtag #LoveableMess.

Not only did the campaign successfully reach almost 2m pet owners in the UK and introduce them to the Vileda brand, but tens of thousands of them actively interacted with the brand on social media. This translated into a 306% boost in sales vs the previous month.

37 k social engagements
2.7 m impressions
1.2 m reach