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Influencer Campaign

Mosquito has years of experience in delivering influencer and outreach programmes to many B2B, B2C and FMCG brands. We deliver focussed results that are predominantly earned / organic media placements. This approach has significant benefits when compared to paying influencers. It delivers cost-effective, authentic content that also provides SEO value - resulting in a more engaged consumer, increased brand penetration and ultimately purchase intent.

Turtle Wax, the global category-leader in car care, engaged Mosquito to deliver an influencer outreach campaign that would raise awareness and purchase intent for their exciting and innovative new product range. Products include hybrid ceramic wax sprays and a unique scratch repair system that works – our job was to make consumers and detailers try it and see the results for themselves! 

To gain wide-spread awareness and adoption, Mosquito delivered several Influencer campaigns across a 12-month period. Each outreach strategy focussed on the product’s USPs to create a focus on the results and benefits of the product. 
Using Mosquito’s in-house extensive influencer database we engaged select international influencers from micro to macro from across the UK and USA. The two flagship campaigns ‘Scratch the Record’ and ‘Destination Guide’, combined the reach of millions and raised brand awareness, developing long-lasting relationships between the influencer and the brand.

Destination Guides Campaign 

Rather than simply gift product, we challenged influencers to take a road trip to show the results of a flawless, glossy paint finish in stunning surroundings.  A road-trip style destination guide was assembled to inspire widescreen, panoramic shots of the stunning locations, including the Grand Canyon and the million-dollar view in Maine. UK influencers visited Scotland’s Cairngorms down to the iconic white cliffs of Dover.

The destination guide challenge was sent out to automotive bloggers, detailers and car enthusiasts. Packs included road trip essentials, with inspiring bespoke maps highlighting the stunning locations, as well as Turtle Wax product to keep their cars gleaming, whilst on the road. 

Scratch the Record

Creatively challenged macro and micro-influencers (UK & USA) to remove scratches in the time it takes to listen to their favourite song – under 5 minutes!

Exciting & engaging package included the Scratch Repair & Renew product, a Spotify voucher code and Turtle Wax merch. The hugely successful and fun campaign resulted in many influencers and detailers continuing to engage with Turtle Wax.

Destination Guide




Mosquito was thrilled to win both:

Winner Best Influencer Campaign 2020 Northern Digital Awards 
Best Digital Marketing Campaign 2019 Entertainment / Sports


The campaigns harvested gorgeous photography and video from a wide range of influencers including YouTube and web bloggers selected for optimum SEO results. 

Delivered rich content and storytelling, creating authentic ambassadors for Turtle Wax, reaching and incentivising influencers and their millions of followers in a niche category.

Both campaigns incentivised influencers to get involved through creativity and fun challenges – no paid-placement. Simply influencing the influencer to raise their game.

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