That Cleaning Feeling #beAstonished



Social Reach Doubled in 6 Months



Instagram Engagements



Total Audience of Attendees


Whilst Astonish boasted a huge range of product SKUs, there was no single brand message. The offering was unclear due to the inconsistent packaging and online presence. 


We needed to create a campaign that positioned Astonish at the centre of the cleaning community and making their products recognisable. Astonished lacked an umbrella message, tying their functional offering together with an emotional reason for the target audience to invest.

Research revealed that our core consumers (28-45 year olds, homemakers, C1 C2 & DE shoppers) associate both eco-friendly and value products with poorer cleaning results. Our digital activation sought to combat these misconceptions, ensuring education of product efficacy was at the heart of the messaging, whilst also highlighting the eco-credentials and affordable price point.


What is it about a freshly cleaned home that makes us feel great? We like to call it “That Cleaning Feeling.” 

  • Tap into the community feeling that cleaning isn’t a chore, it’s an enjoyable necessity that brings people together. 
  • Playful imagery to highlight the emotional reaction to the results you can achieve with Astonish. Inviting the audience to try it for themselves and #beAstonished.  

To begin, we designed and delivered over 150 bespoke product mailers to influencers with a combined audience of over 11.3 million. Followed by an exclusive event in London - the first of its kind for influencers in the cleaning community after COVID-19 lockdowns. 

  • Hosted 25 key influencers from the cleaning community, including big names like Lynsey Queen of Clean (267K followers) - a bestselling author, Channel 4 presenter and regular guest on This Morning & Good Morning Britain. 
  • Total influencer attendee follower count surpassed 1.9 million, with guests producing £26,400 worth of social media content for free. 

NB: No influencers were paid to attend this event.


Via Astonish’s social channels, we were able to bring the brand’s new visual identity to life through interactive campaigns and formats:

  • Utilising our #beAstonished hashtag, took advantage of short-form video trends and shared user generated Reels to showcase community content. 
  • Engaging audiences and gathering insights with fun polls & quizzes on Instagram stories. 
  • Instagram Live broadcasts and partnerships with influencers to give cleaning tips & ideas.
  • Partnered with retailers to tap into their existing audiences and push the campaign message further.

Hosted competitions as an incentive for the community to share their content and get involved in the campaign.

Best Integrated Campaign - Silver


This was a great example of taking an existing brand and reaching a new audience, which is not an easy task. This agency's clear strategy and audience research paid off as they continued to see growth post-campaign.


£1,000,000 had previously been spent on TV advertising and reached 10.3 million people. For this digital campaign, a budget of £83k (inc media) reached 11.9 million people. 

In just 6 months, online sales doubled from £7,300 sales per month with 220 orders, to £14,000 sales over 471 orders. 

Incredibly, we still continue to see this growth into 2022 with January seeing £20,000 in online sales over 693 orders, an increase in orders of over 215% vs 6 months prior. 

Influencer Event: 

  • Total audience of attendees: over 1.9 million. 
  • 100% of attendees posted coverage.
  • £26,000 EAV, but no influencers were paid to attend.
  • Since the event, attendees have posted 150% more about the brand than previously.


  • Social reach doubled in 6 months (348k to 699k on Instagram) +101%
  • Facebook engagements (1600 to 8500 on Facebook) +181%
  • Instagram engagements (13000 to 470000 on Instagram) +3515%
  • Monthly follower growth rate doubled.
  • Monthly website traffic from social up 101% (740 visits to 1488 visits) and visitors viewing 2 extra pages per visit.
  • 155% increase in the amount of UGC created monthly.


101 % Social Reach Doubled in 6 Months
3515 % Instagram Engagements
1.9 M Total Audience of Attendees