AT MOSQUITO, IF CONTENT DOESN'T CAUSE A BUZZ, IT'S NOT DOING THE JOB.we create QUALITY BRANDED CONTENT that’s DESIGNED TO ENGAGE AND INTERACT with your target market. in an instant world where content is king, we pride ourselves on being the best. ultimately, we create FRESH AND BESPOKE content to turn your customers on.


Brand Communication & Branding
Creative Advertising
Film & Video, Photography & Motion Graphics
Editorial, Copywriting & Blog Management
Social Media & Influencer
Brand Communication & Branding

Mosquito's team have decades of experience delivering brand strategy and implementation. Whether you need a visual brand identity or a hard-thinking multi-platform brand communications plan, we know how to make your brand be seen and shine.

Our experience spans across B2BB2C,Education and Government sectors

through print, TV, radio, digital PR and digital media.

As an award-winning team in brand communication, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are entrusting your brand with experts, who will nurture your brand to not just reach your core audience,

but to converse with your consumers and spread your message far and wide.

From content and marketing strategies to drive consumers in-store, to social media strategies and delivery, we will exceed your expectations with infectious results

Creative Advertising

It's tough out there. We're all flooded with thousands of messages, ads and superlatives each day.

At Mosquito, we know how to cut through the noise and get your brand noticed.

We bring over 20 years of brand building know-how to the mix, from press ads, 48-sheets, radio and even the odd TV show. 


At Mosquito we partner with some of the media heavy weights to plan and deliver your media in the most strategic and cost-effective way.

As part of the brand communication vision we continually take our clients across the digital channels, across to print, radio, TV and the event space. 

Film & Video, Photography & Motion Graphics

The creative team at Mosquito have vast experience in producing beautiful visuals.  From 3D graphics, illustration and photography to ambitious high end film shoots.


From studio shoots for high street consumer brands, to on-location HD video productions we have the creativity to communicate your brand message in a way that will captivate your audience.

We can take your campaign from early ideas on a sketchpad, right through to the final premiere!

We offer a full-service production facility including managing model casting, usage, location and music, to producing the final results in post-production.

3D modelling and rendering can also be embraced to enhance your brand image with stunning interactive content.

Whether your film or photography needs are stand alone or part of a wider campaign, we have the passion, skill and creativity to bring them to life.



Editorial, Copywriting & Blog Management

Mosquito writers are fast, accurate and familiar with changing technology and channels. We craft arresting copy for email broadcast, blog posts, online press campaigns, website content and targeted SEO/social media strategy. Our experienced team are trained and comfortable adopting the voice of a brand and understand the nuance required to reflect brand personality.

At Mosquito, copy is delivered in many styles, whilst always being functionally specific. We cover B2B and industry-facing material, as well as editorial for public consumption.

Digital content has the power to transform brands and raise them above their competitors.

Embracing well written copy to engage consumers is imperative.  It has the power to strike up conversation and develop stories to permeate the digital landscape to get your product, business or service recognised and front of mind.

Social Media & Influencer

A great social campaign demands a strong content plan to present your brand in the best light.  

Making your brand shine isn’t just about a one-way outbound broadcast, you need a visually arresting stream of content to encourage engagement and two-way conversation

to deliver the reach, engagement and social interactions needed to make your brand relevant and shine above your competition.

Context, relevance and themed content is essential in social campaigns and our creative department offer decades of experience generating

beautiful imagery, arresting copy, social campaigns and seasonal content to make your brand the most socially relevant brand in your category.


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